What is a Luxury Entertainment System?
a brief but complete non-technical introduction to what you need to know
to select a high-performance entertainment system
Cineluxe Basics: What is a Luxury Entertainment System?

“What goes into crafting a luxury home entertainment system—a room for watching movies and TV, and maybe even playing video games, with performance that rivals the best commercial cinemas but with an aesthetic that’s all your own? If you’re looking for some help understanding what’s involved in creating a system before you meet with an integrator to help you pull it all together, you’ve come to the right place.”  read more   

Cineluxe Basics: Video Displays

“It used to be that projection systems were mandatory in luxury entertainment spaces. But thanks to increasingly bigger screen sizes and to brightness levels that projection just can’t match, flat-panel video displays are becoming an attractive alternative, especially in multi-use spaces.”  read more   

Cineluxe Basics: Speaker Systems

“Modern in-wall and ceiling speakers are practically invisible but can now rival the performance of audiophile-quality floorstanding models. Dolby Atmos offers an immersive surround experience that beats most commercial theaters. And traditional speakers now come in a variety of decor-friendly cabinets and finishes.”  read more

Cineluxe Basics: Source Components

“With discs disappearing rapidly, so are the options for luxury video sources. Streaming devices might be inexpensive but can offer astonishing performance—if you choose wisely. The best option for watching movies at home, however, remains the Kaleidescape Strato movie player.”  read more

Cineluxe Basics: Amps & Preamps

“Selecting an amplifier and preamp might be the dullest part of the system-building process. But many contemporary high-end preamps offer sophisticated digital room correction that can transform compromised spaces into reference-quality theaters.”  read more

Cineluxe Basics: A Guide to Luxury Control Systems

“No off-the-shelf control solution can handle the needs of a luxury entertainment system with the necessary flexibility, reliability, or finesse. But custom solutions don’t need to be any more expensive, complicated, or customized than you really need.”  read more

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