Cineluxe Guide to Media Rooms
a quick, non-technical guide to turning any multi-use space into a room that can address the entertainment needs of every member of the household
The Cineluxe Guide to Media Rooms: The Basics

“Over the next few posts, I’ll be painting a picture of what a complete media room system looks like in terms of electronics, starting with the simplest of all high-performance luxury media room systems. In other words, a system that will have minimal impact on your décor, but maximal impact on your movie-watching enjoyment. And despite the pithy intro, I think a great TV and a really high-end soundbar is a terrific basis for such an essential system.” 

Expandable Media Room Systems

“Last time around, we started with the most basic media room system imaginable: A great TV, a high-performance soundbar, and a single source component. This time, the focus is on similar systems that leave you a little more room to grow.”  read more   

Media Rooms: Invisible Sound Solutions

“What if you’ve already decided to install a high-performance entertainment system and you’re unconvinced a soundbar can deliver the kind of big, impactful, expansive soundstage you’re looking for? In that case, it’s probably best to start from scratch with a carefully selected speaker system that more closely approximates what you’d experience at your local multiplex.”  read more

The Cineluxe Guide to Media Rooms: Video Options

“Once you move beyond media-room setups for smaller spaces like bedrooms or home offices, where a TV is really the only way to go, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of a TV versus a projector.”  read more

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