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Everything luxury home entertainment—including the best movies, TV series, video games, and music, great ideas for entertainment spaces, and more—presented by our contributors, the biggest experts in the industry, famous interior designers, celebrity directors & entertainers, and more. No hard-sell or jargon or tech—just straight talk about what to enjoy, and where best to enjoy it.


EPISODE 22: Working with the Best, Pt. 4: Maria Deschamps


EPISODE 21: Working with the Best, Pt. 3: Steve Haas


EPISODE 20: The State of the Streaming Art


EPISODE 19: Working with the Best, Pt. 2: Gideon Perry


EPISODE 18: Atmos Music Explored

EPISODE 17: Working with the Best, Pt. 1: Theo Kalomirakis


EPISODE 16: Kaleidescape Turns 20


EPISODE 15: Theo at Home


EPISODE 14: Barry Sonnenfeld on . . . a Little Bit of Everything


EPISODE 13: 4K Changes Everything


EPISODE 12: What the Hell’s Going On with the Movies? (Christmas Edition)


EPISODE 11: Inside the Minema with Sam Cavitt & William Erb


EPISODE 10: What the Hell’s Going On with the Movies?


EPISODE 9: New Frontiers in Content & Compression


EPISODE 8: Who Needs 8K?


EPISODE 7: Theo on Theaters


EPISODE 6: Home Theaters are Better than Movie Theaters


EPISODE 5: How to Find the Perfect Integrator


EPISODE 4: Luxury TVs 2019


EPISODE 3: Dolby Atmos—Yay or Nay?


EPISODE 2: Let There Be Light—And Shades


EPISODE 1: Is Home Theater Dead?


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