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“Legendary designer Theo Kalomirakis and acoustician Steve Haas have collaborated on a number of cost-no-object home theaters, but probably none of those efforts has been as ambitious, versatile, or well-realized as the Paradiso.”  read more   

“Michael Kobb isn’t just a casual film fan but a true connoisseur who both loves movies and savors the whole movie-watching experience, so it’s not too surprising that he has a reference-quality theater in his Silicon Valley-area home. What really sets him apart from most film lovers, though, is how deeply he became involved in the process of researching, planning, and executing his theater.”  read more   

Planting a high-quality home theater in the midst of a stylish Tribeca loft apartment was an impossible feat until just a few years ago.  read more

Theo Kalomirakis’s company Rayva built a signature installation in Westchester County, north of New York City, that’s meant to show that their streamlined approach to theater design can yield a luxury result read more

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