2019: The Year In Luxury Home Entertainment
Streaming and Censorship
Cineluxe Trendsetters: Ed Gilmore
Cineluxe Trendsetters: Katherine Spiller
Cineluxe Trendsetters: Sam Cavitt
Does a Luxury Cinema Really Need a Projector?
4K is for Fanboys
How to Become an Expert Listener
The Need for High-End Audio
Do We Really Need High-End Audio?
Musicals Are My Work--Movies Are My Pleasure
A Great Home Theater is Like Fine Wine
The Religion Surrounding AV Gear
Techorating--It's a Thing
How to Sell Specialty AV to Women
If Your Stream Looks Bad, Don't Blame Netflix
Why We Don't Deserve Day & Date
Why Kaleidescape Day & Date, Pt. 2
Day & Date Finally Gets Real, Pt. 2
Why Movie Theaters Still Matter
How Do I Define a Luxury TV?
Why HDR Matters
D&D & the Decline of Traditional Media
Are Home Theaters Making Movie Theaters Better?
Why Does the AV Industry Always Ignore the Signs?
High-End TVs Get Design Friendly--Finally
Content Providers: Who Does It Right?
Exclusive Content Causes FOMO & Piracy
So You Think Your Room's Bad, Pt. 6
Beyond Discs & Cinemas
Reviews: Oscar-Nominated Films
Disney+ and the Return of the Water Cooler
Cineluxe Trendsetters: Cory Reistad
The Wonderful 4K "Wizard of Oz"
Netflix is Garbage
The Highest Rated Series Isn't on TV
4K is Sometimes Actually 2K--But That's OK
Art Walls: The Next Big Thing?
Why Filmmaker Mode Matters
Tube-Based Home Theater--Why Not?
Getting Into Vinyl? Find Yourself an Expert
A Guide to Luxury Speaker Systems
A Guide to Luxury Video Displays
What is a Luxury Entertainment System?
The Lower Cost of Luxury
How Much Would You Pay for Day & Date? Pt. 2
Why Kaleidescape Could Own Day & Date, Pt. 1
Day and Date Finally Gets Real, Pt. 1
Even Streaming is Better Than Most Movie Theaters
Creating Rayva: Savvas Stamatopoulos
VirtualGT: The Ultimate Racing Simulator
Can a Short-Throw Projector Replace a Big-Screen TV?
Home Theater Reborn, Pt. 4
Home Theater Reborn, Pt. 2
Home Theater Reborn, Pt. 2
Basic Choices: Projector or TV? Pt. 2
Luxury TVs Come on Strong at CES


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